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"what goes better than cold and dark?"

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"You might wanna duck."

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There is no good explaination

(Still love this one)


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'No animals were harmed in the making of this film.' For years, that sentence, found in the end credits of most Hollywood films, has relieved the concerns of moviegoers sensitive to the treatment of animals onscreen. But that well-worn statement may be growing obsolete.
Marry someone you want to annoy for the rest of your life.


omfg ok so searching through old drafts i found a picture i took once when i went resale shopping and it took me a second to remember why i took it

and then i realized

the little glass ornament with the gold band says Joy

and the tablet says Hope

Jack Frost is the Guardian of Fun (Joy) and Bunnymund is the Guardian of Hope

Jack and Bunny


i am such jackrabbit trash dont even talk to me





I have promise a cute NSFW drawing no ? 

so here it’s ;) I don’t if it’s cute, it’s not really nsfw too ( a little but not too graphic)

In first i want draw, jack teasing hiccup during foreplay, but it finish like this … XD

I want to said thanks to the persons who are with me during the livestream : Loo, Lil, and Nat :  it was really cool ^^

have a good day / night hijackers

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Bunny Housekeeping! - larissar6

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